Tuesday, January 26, 2010


“You left, and my heart is a ceaseless sermon of loneliness...”

Have u ever missed someone and felt terrible? Missing someone is a terrible but at the same time,sweet feeling.
You will be sitting around wondering if u meant anything to him/her.Thinking if he/she ever cares about u.

Rushing to the phone once it rings hoping that it's him/her.Looking out of the window hoping that he/she will surprise u by appearing downstairs. Sitting in front of the television but thinking of him, missing the final episode of your favourite show.
Laying on your bed, thinking of the last time u were out together , talking about everything, your dreams,plans,future. Logging on to the internet hoping to see him/her online. When u realize that he/she isn't online and did not return your page….

Still, missing someone is a way of growing up . It exposes u to loneliness. It teaches u how to cope with being lonely and let u know that there is actually a feeling known as emptiness.

“Spending sleepless nights engrossed in those thoughts
Looking at sky sparkled with stars
Would he be thinking of me while watching the stars?
Thinking of those dreams that’s lost in this hour”

When you miss someone, don't push yourself to forget him. You miss him, that's natural. He was a part of your life. Of course you miss the times that you were with him. So, save the moments you have when you see him. Never push yourself to do stuff you don't want to do. You will just add more burden and pain to yourself. Let the feeling pass naturally. It would be better to let the feeling go away than hurt yourself intentionally just to forget him or to get over missing him.

Also, you should not pretend that everything is just fine even when it's not. You should not act that you can deal with it easily. You will be lying to the people around you and you will be lying to yourself. If you miss him, admit it to yourself. You can even admit it to him that you miss him; you won't lose anything once you tell him. You wouldn’t know he might be missing you too. Then you can have time again for each other to bond, to patch things up or to even try to bring back old times. At least when you get to talk to each other, you will be able to update each other. The bond you used to have is there again.
Now, when you part ways, it would be parting from the more intimate relationship you had. You can now go back to the first step and at least be friends again. While you are still friends, treasure those times. I mean you would rather have him in your life as a friend rather than strangers walking passed each other everyday right?

It’s so hard to recover from the pain of missing someone who was too intimate & vanished after deeply hurting you. Put into your mind that the person was a part of your life. S/ He has made a great impact in your life, made you happy, made you smile during hard times & accompanied you when you were lonely. So, be thankful for that. S/He also, in a way, helped mould you into the person you re are right now.

"When i smelled the perfume you wore,
I am reminded of u..
When the radio played the song we loved to listen to ,
I am reminded of u..
When i had a too beautiful dream about you and woke up in the middle of the night at where
I am reminded that .. i will never see you again."

There would be a lot of memories which you have spent with the person. Those good memories could help you ease the feeling of longing, or the feeling of emptiness. The bad memories may help you to be a better person. It will help you because you will want to avoid feeling the pain you already felt. You can learn from your mistakes from those to avoid more conflicts. Also, those bad memories can help you move on. Move on from the feeling that you still miss him/her though s/he has hurt you so badly. You need to find other things to do, go out and meet people, join organizations, read, walk, swim, spend time with friends and family.

‘Never long for anyone from the past. There is a reason why they never made it to your future.’

Loving someone - even if it does not last - can become a source of experience and strength to treasure, if you learn to release the grief regularly. Grief can last years, but your nervous system needs a break frequently. This can be achieved by grieving the feelings out just a bit while you laugh at your antics. Take this opportunity to remember the good and bad for a bit in positive memories of having loved someone dearly. Eventually, the pain will go and the good memories will heal your heart and last forever….


  1. This s so overwhelmin, aru :)I could practically imagine d events n d emotions.. it was lik living the moments.Nice n vry touchy attempt to portray the feelings of 'missin someone'.. GOOD ONE !!

  2. excellent piece of literary work fused with an ample exploration of human psyche. this article infact stands out to be as one of the most exact depiction of basic human nature. no matter how much we try to run from ourselves and present a different face to the world, at the end of the day we are "we" only. great effort Arathy, you are simply better than the best. i mean it. keep it up :)

  3. dis 1 is really an excellent piece f wrk..!!actually ppl cum 2 realise d value f othrs whn dey miss dem...n missin sm1 is hard 2 bear too..u hv portrayed hw 1 wud feel whn missin sm1 spcl..gud job..!! hope it wud help evry1 who cum across dis work..!!

  4. Its awesome. Expressing feelings through words is a hard job i believe, U Hav done it in an impressive way.

  5. good work....words have feeling....

  6. Its true... its really true dear.. awsome article.. when i read ur article i really remembered the person whom i miss... Gr8 job da....

  7. We dont hav an eye to see d person who s sooo nearer n closer to us! Instead, we see n begin to feel them, wen they r away.. Thats called 'missing'.. Well.. I went thru d valuable article.. It nourished my thinking stream N inspired me to think more on this zone :) Write mor n mor chechee :)

  8. We dont hav an eye to see d person who s sooo nearer n closer to us! Instead, we see n begin to feel them, wen they r away.. Thats called 'missing'..

    so so true!
    loved yr write up:)
    very very well written..
    it was heartfelt!