Tuesday, January 5, 2010


A day without laughter is a day wasted for life. Laughter is the best outlet for stress & a great stress buster. Its a no cost,no side effect medicine.

A person with good sense of humour is less likely to be under stress. A sense of humour allows an individual to perceive and appreciate the imbalances of life and provides moments of delight.

Laughter fights stress in the following ways:

- It reduces tension and relaxes facial muscles.
- It minimizes blood pressure.
- Laughter helps in the capacity of lungs,emptying the stale air.This reduces the respiratory problems of a person.
- It improves blood circulation.
- It releases the endorphins or feel good hormones in the brain which fight against pain and stress.
- It helps develop an optimistic attitude.

Laughter is comparative to positive thinking. Both can help you free yourself from mental problems which would make you feel healthier. Laughter can be a powerful tool when it comes to healing our emotions.


One idea is to make an appointment with a laughter therapist. Laughter therapy is an alternative treatment to manage your stress levels. You are taught the many benefits of laughter. An example is to learn to laugh when things aren't funny..

There are a lot of ways to make you laugh besides going to a laugh therapy or group. Watching your pet play can be hilarious. The animal channel sometimes has animals doing all kinds of playful antics. Movies that are comedies are great way to make you laugh. Being with people who are extremely humorous can also be a good buffer. Learn to believe that the ones who hurt you or fool you are the real fools, because they are quite unsuccessful in their attempt.

Getting aggrevated isn't going to fix the situation - in fact it will lead to more stress and tension. Laughing at the situation won't fix it either, but you will release tension and feel better. Being able to laugh at the little things will help you learn to laugh at more stressful events too.

Calm over chaos is the phrase of the day. Begin by trying to find humour in the worst of situations. If you must, blow the situation way out of proportion, just to make yourself laugh. Make the serious look ridiculous. When you reach the point of absurdity, you can then begin to melt and calm.

It's certainly very difficult to force a laugh while in a stressful situation. However, that's precisely the time when you need to laugh the most. Remember, the trick is to take control over your environment or situation. That way you are more apt to feel challenged and less threatened.The laughter will help you feel better, manage stress, and make healthy changes in your body & mind.

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